The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has publicly apologised after it published postal addresses of applicants.

According to SC Magazine US, ICANN publicly revealed the list of nearly 2,000 proposed top-level domains and the names of the applicants on its website, but forgot to redact personal contact data.

It said that the public portions of the new gTLD applications have been restored to the ICANN website, following the publication of the postal addresses of some primary and secondary contacts for gTLD applications.

It said: “The information in these fields was not intended for publication. The addresses appeared in responses to portions of questions six and seven on the application.

“We temporarily disabled viewing of the application details. We removed the unintended information and restored this functionality. We apologise for this oversight.”

ICANN received 1,930 bids from more than 1,100 organisations, including brands such as Google, Canon, Symantec and Amazon, but also groups such as the AARP and Better Business Bureau.