Hacked CCTV cameras led the news this week (Pic: Nasanbuyn via WikiMedia commons)
Hacked CCTV cameras led the news this week (Pic: Nasanbuyn via WikiMedia commons)

OVH suffers 1.1Tbps DDoS attack

Hosting company OVH has been subject to the biggest attack DDoS known to date, with peaks of over 1 Tbps of traffic. Over the past week, the company has been subjected to an attack greater than the one suffered by Krebs on Security. [Read more]

Krebs dropped by Akamai for record DDoS attack, OVH suffers 1100 Gbps DDoS

DDoS mitigation giant Akamai, who were hosting the website of security blogger Brian Krebs free of charge, have dropped him from their servers, after his website was subject to the biggest recorded DDoS attack. [Read more]

Pippa Middleton's iCloud account hacked

The man who is believed to have hacked Pippa Middleton's iCloud account and offered to sell her personal photos has been arrested. Nathan Wyatt's Northamptonshire home, where he lives with his fiancé and her children, was raided this weekend by officers from Scotland Yard. [Read more]

Yahoo! confirms 500 million users affected in data breach

Yahoo! has confirmed a major data breach of its systems, with the number of users affected standing at 500 million. The breach, which reportedly happened back in 2014, has been branded as the largest publicly-disclosed data breach in history. [Read more]

Yahoo to be sued over mega breach

Yahoo will be sued over the mega breach that was revealed last week. A resident of New York, Ronald Schwartz, filed the suit on Friday in a California court represented by law firms Robbins Geller Rudman as well as Dowd and Labaton Sucharow. [Read more]