RIP Steve Gold: 1956-2015
RIP Steve Gold: 1956-2015

RIP Steve Gold: 1956-2015

We were very sad to learn that Steve Gold, the renowned 1980s hacker and information security journalist, passed away peacefully at the age of 58 on Tuesday.

Steve helped found SC Magazine back in 1994 but was perhaps best known hacking BT's Prestel communications service and famously accessing the personal message box off Prince Philip, which resulted in the creation of the 1990 Computer Misuse Act. Steve, who had been contributing to the news pages of SC up until his death, was a wonderful man with incredible knowledge and wry humour. He will be sorely missed by many.

You can read his obituary at the above link.

GCHQ hiring InfoSec pros for new Manchester Office

GCHQ has opened a new site in Manchester and is already looking to hire software developers, engineers and information security professionals to fill the space.

The UK spy agency has headquarters in Cheltenham but has been posting vacancies for jobs in the Greater Manchester area since the end of last year. The agency has confirmed the existence of a new office in the area, in an email to

Top 10 issues in IT security for 2014

The New Year saw many of our readers take a look back to last year's predictions to see what the experts (and SC) got right…and wrong.

Some were certainly more inspired than others, and although regional clouds didn't arrive in 2014, it was a year of more state-sponsored attacks and insider threat (both of which are currently being investigated in regard to the Sony hack), social engineering and the collapse of the network perimeter. Windows XP was under attack following its end-of-life but perhaps not as much as anticipated, while Internet of Things devices are yet to get as ‘smart' as first predicted.

New CryptoWall hunts for victims with Tor

Cisco's Talos Security and Intelligence Research Group says that CryptoWall 2.0 is “ransomware on steroids”, using Tor to obfuscate the command and control channel, anti-VM and anti-emulation checks to hide when sandboxed and a 32-bit dropper that can execute 64-bit code. 

UK National Grid under constant cyber-attack

A senior government figure says that the UK's power grid is under "minute-by-minute" attacks from computer hackers.

Conservative MP James Arbuthnot chaired the Defence Select Committee up until last year and said that the National Grid is facing cyber-attacks every minute. He plans to visit the National grid next month to discuss the issue.