ICYMI: Blacknurse, Facebook Spam, ATM Machines, NSA and the Three breach

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This week, A Blacknurse DDoS that can cripple with only one laptop, Facebook spam delivers Locky, ATM scammers, NSA's dark tower and two arrests after the three data breach.

How BlackNurse DoS uses a single laptop to take your business down

A Blacknurse Dos attack can bring an overwhelming DDoS attack to bear from a very small place according to Firemon researchers. In a study released this week, Firemon reminded readers the grave security catastrophes that poor firewall management can cause.

Facebook spam caught delivering Locky ransomware

Two researchers caught a Facebook spam campaign delivering not just Nemucod malware downloaders but Locky ransomware too. Fraser Kyne, CTO of Bromium told SC at the time that though the scam is obvious, it's also delivered via an incredibly popular social media platform, meaning that even if only a fraction of potential victims fall for the scam, the damage down could be serious.

ATM machines under attack, spitting out cash on demand

A group named Cobalt has come up with a novel way of stealing money. According to Group IB, Cobalt has developed a piece of malware capable of making cash machines literally spit out money.

In Group IB's disclosing report calls the technique, touchless jackpotting. Its authors write: “To make ATMs give out cash, criminals launch malware using the Extensions for Financial Services (XFS) standard. On command from the bank's internal network, the program starts dispensing notes until machines are empty.”

Dark tower in lower Manhattan outed as NSA nerve centre

A mysterious lower manhattan skyscraper has been outed as a major surveillance hub for the National Security Agency. The 550 foot tall, windowless building apparently began life as a telecommunications centre which could stand a nuclear strike, but has since been repurposed to serve as a covert surveillance base. 

The news was broken by Ryan Gallagher, a reporter for the Intercept, a publication famous for holding the remaining Snowden Cables.

Three data breach leads to two arrests

Two men from Greater Manchester were arrested earlier this week by the National Crime Agency under suspicion of involvement in the breach on mobile phone operation, Three. Another individual from Kent is apparently assisting police in the investigation.

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