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The latest In Case You Missed It: Bank of England simulation, ransomware photo threat, 2015 worst for Mac malware, Russiab cyber-warfare lead, RSA report.

Bank of England to test banks' security in operation Resilient Shield

The City of London financial institutions' CIO's will soon be feeling the heat as the Bank of England rolls out it's new wargame to test the cyber-resilience of the UK's financial sector. Banks will be subjected to a series of ‘attacks', designed to spot weaknesses in their network. Any holes found in the defences of the UK's finance industry will be rigorously prodded. [read more]

Ransomware's new threat: if you don't pay, we'll publish your photos online

The ‘scareware' variant of the Chimera ransomware trojan has been spotted by the Cologne-based anti-botnet advisory centre, Botfrei (‘Botfree'). The agency says Chimera is a classic blackmail trojan which is now targeting specific employees in German companies with fake emails about job applications or job offers. [read more]

2015 worst year in history for Mac malware

While Mac users have enjoyed a computing experience largely free of viruses and trojans, the last year has seen a turning point in fortunes. According to a new report, 2015 has seen more malware targeting Apple desktops and servers than the last five years in total. The report, published by IT security firm Bit9 + Carbon Black Threat Research team, analysed more than 1,400 unique OS X malware samples and found a flood of malware attacks this year. [read more]

Russia overtaking US in cyber-warfare capabilities

Ronald Pontius, deputy to the US Army Cyber Command's commanding general was reported in National Defense as saying earlier this month: “On one hand we can feel very positive of our pace of progress that we're making, but when you put that in context of what the threat is and the pace of change of the threat and the significance of the threat, you can't but come to the conclusion that we're not making progress at the pace the threat demands.” [read more]

RSA: Cyber-security industry is "fundamentally broken", says Amit Yoran

Infosec is "fundamentally broken". That was the bold claim today from Amit Yoran, the president of RSA and former cyber-security director at the US Department of Homeland Security. He was speaking this morning at RSA Middle East in Abu Dhabi, a place, he said, where "if it isn't gold, it isn't welcome". Infosec is an industry that wastes billions of dollars on firewalls and policing network perimeters, things that “make us feel safe” but don't address real problems. [read more]

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