ICYMI: Citrix 'hack', D-Link webcam hacked, flaws and more hacks

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The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at claims that Citrix was hacked, a D-Link webcam can be turned into a network backdoor and more.

I hacked Citrix, says Russian hacker w0rm

Citrix, a US software company specialising in virtualisation and cloud computing, has reportedly been compromised by a Russian hacker called w0rm. According to a blog post (in Russian), w0rm claims to have been able to gain access to the content management system on the Citrix network via an insecure password. [Read more]  

Hack turns cheap D-Link webcam into a network backdoor

US security firm Vectra Networks has hacked a ‘tiny' D-Link web camera and turned it into a persistent backdoor into corporate networks. In a 12 January blog, Vectra describes how its Threat Labs researchers bought the consumer-grade WiFi webcam for US$ 30 (£20), and cracked open its Linux kernel to create a persistent access point into a network. [Read more]

Juniper Networks backdoor password 'hackable' within six hours

Juniper Networks has presented itself with a clean bill of health after highlighting a vulnerability in its own Netscreen products. The firm had previously announced the discovery of unauthorised code in the ScreenOS software used in its Netscreen series enterprise firewalls. [Read more]

Researchers find two flaws in OAuth 2.0

Security researchers from the University of Trier have discovered a couple of vulnerabilities in the OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol that could enable hackers to subvert single sign-on systems. The protocol is widely used on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Google+, to authenticate users. [Read more]  

Star Wars BB-8 vulnerable to firmware hacking

A Star Wars toy has been shown to be vulnerable to hacking, however, researchers said the gadget can't go over to the dark side at the moment. According to researchers at security consultancy Pen Test Partners, the BB-8 droid can be hacked, although this may not be that critical. [Read more]


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