ICYMI: Cyber-Sec challenge; Tesco hack, DDoS hits Finns; US election hack?; NHS Trust downed

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In this week's In Case You Missed It we look at: Youngest Cyber-Sec winner; Tesco bank hacked; DDoS hits Finns heating; US election vulnerability; NHS Trust closed by malware

Youngest ever Cyber Security Challenge winner

18-year-old Ben Jackson from Sussex has triumphed at the Cyber Security Challenge UK 2016, making him the youngest ever winner of the competition which has been running for six years.

In a grueling three-day contest 42 contestants ranging in age from 16 to 56 years old sought to defend a simulated attack on a fictional power company. The competition was designed by the sponsors, PwC, and supported by GCHQ, the National Crime Agency (NCA) and the Bank of England.  More

Tesco Bank accounts frozen as cash taken from 20,000

A cyber-attack last weekend stole large sums of cash from 20,000 Tesco Bank Online customers, totalling some £2.5 million, leading the bank to freeze customer accounts.

The ‘precautionary measure' was taken after around 40,000 customers of the supermarket's retail finance arm are alleged to have had suspicious activity on their current account. Of that, 20,000 are known to have reported money taken from their accounts without their consent. More

Finns have their heating systems knocked offline by a DDoS attack

Finnish media reports on a DDoS attack on residential buildings in Lappeenranta, Finland, which knocked the heating and hot water offline.

The DDoS attack on the internet-connected building management system of two tower blocks in the district of Lappeenranta, Finland, had taken their building management systems offline for three days. With temperatures in Finland below freezing, disruption in the heating could cause both material damage as well as force residents to relocate. More

How likely is it for someone to hack the US election?

Prior to Donald Trump's election victory, fears of hacking the US election were a recurring theme throughout the election campaign, so as Americans went to the polls SC asked, what are the chances of a hack?

Hacking of voting machines has become a major concern in the US election, as supporters for both major candidates worried that the results could be skewed in vital “swing” states. It was feared that hacking, or even allegations of widespread hacking, could skew the results or undermine faith in the democratic process. More

Northern Lincolnshire NHS up and running again after "virus" threat

Ransomware is the most likely culprit for a network infection that closed down three hospitals in North Lincolnshire and affected several other affiliated institutions.

The Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust was forced to cancel operations at three hospitals in the region. Operations at hospitals outside the Trust were also cancelled as these shared services with the Trust. The Trust has said that most of its IT systems are operational again. More

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