ICYMI: EMC 'bugs', LeakerLocker, biometric rise, SpyDealer, good Lord!

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In case you missed it: Researchers claim bugs in EMC, LeakerLocker outwitting mobile app stores, biometrics will rise up, SpyDealer stealing data from Facebook etc and the House of Lords will release report on post-Brexit GDPR.

EMC products hit by multiple vulnerabilities including SQL injection

Security researchers have discovered a number of bugs in EMC products that could enable hackers to gain control of target systems. According to an advisory published on Full Disclosure, versions prior to 6.8 of the EMC Secure Remote Support (ESRS) Policy Manager are affected by a high severity vulnerability. It was found by Travis Emmert from Salesforce. EMC Dell has issued updates stating that they believe the issue “adds no additional security risk to the customer environment”. [Read more]

LeakerLocker ransomware blackmails unwitting mobile app store users

A new strain of ransomware might call for an entirely new moniker for the extortion virus: Blackmailware. Leakerlocker has been spotted by McAfee locking up  Android phones and, far from charging its victims for renewed access, threatens to send their information to their contacts if they don't pay $50 (£38). [Read more]

Rise in use of biometrics products for cyber-security, report predicts

A new report is predicting a significant rise in the use of biometric products, as organisations look to prevent fraud and protect their estate from organised cyber-crime groups. Fraud, as the report highlights, is a serious problem. In the 2016 Cyber Security Breaches Survey published by the UK government, 65 percent of large firms in the UK detected a cyber-security breach or attack in the past year. [Read more]

SpyDealer Android malware steals data from Facebook, Skype, other apps

Malware targeting Android devices has been discovered exfiltrating data from over 40 apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and others. Researchers at Palo Alto Networks said that the malware, dubbed SpyDealer, harvests personal information including phone numbers, IMEI, IMSI, SMS, MMS, contacts, accounts, phone call history, location and connected Wi-Fi information. It can also track a device's location and record images and audio. [Read more]

House of Lords to report on post-Brexit GDPR, Germany first to enact GDPR

The House of Lords has announced it is about to release a report on what post-Brexit GDPR might look like. Called Brexit: the EU data protection package, the report was written by the EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee and explores the implications of Brexit for maintaining unhindered cross-border data flows between the UK and the EU. [Read more]


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