ICYMI: Equation group, Hutzero, Cyber-security unemployment, CEO responsibility and Lord Blunkett

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This week: Leaked NSA hacking tools go to work on Cisco customers, The first class of a new cyber-security school graduates, European CEOs no longer pass the buck on security, and Lord Blunkett opens a Cyber-Highway

NSA hacking tools used against Cisco customers

Cisco customers are being attacked with NSA hacking tools. Specifically, the NSA hacking tools leaked and put up to auction by mysterious group, The Shadow Brokers.

The company released a security advisory detailing the vulnerability. Known alternately  as CVE - 2016 - 6415 or BENIGNCERTAIN, the vulnerability occurs in an encryption mechanism called IKEv1. Insufficient condition checks within the code could allow attackers to steal private information.

Gov-funded boot camp for cyber-security entrepreneurs graduates first intake

The first class of a cyber-security start up training course have graduated. The 24 participants of the HutZero programme will now enjoy a three-month stint of mentoring by experts from academia, government and business.

Cyber-security unemployment rate at zero

Cyber-security unemployment is at zero a study from Cybersecurity Ventures has shown. In fact, as many in the industry already know well, there is a surfeit of open positions. There are already one million open cyber-security positions available worldwide, most of them in the United States and by 2020, there will be 1.5 million.

54% of European CEOs are taking responsibility for cyber-security

New research from Lloyd's of London shows that European executives are now stepping up to the plate when it comes to cyber-security. The research surveys 350 European executives, with 100 from the UK.

Lord Blunkett launches online cyber-essentials portal

This week Lord Blunkett, former Home Secretary launched an online portal, entitled cyber highway, to help manage the Cyber-Essentials certification. The portal means that companies will be able to monitor the progress their suppliers are making towards certification.


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