"Just a normal cyber-attack"
"Just a normal cyber-attack"

Hotel hit by ransomware attack, report of guests trapped untrue

A luxury lakeside hotel in the Austrian Alps, Romantik Seehotel Jägerwirt, recently paid a large ransom in Bitcoins, after its systems were attacked by a ransomware attack.

It was initially reported that the attack had locked hotel guests in their bedrooms until the ransom was paid. However, the owner of the hotel Cristoph Brandstaetter, told Motherboard that, “This is totally wrong, it was just a normal cyber-attack and no guests were locked in.”

Brandstaetter claimed that the ransomware attack locked the hotel out of all of its computers until a €1500 (£1300) fee was paid to the attackers. More...

31 models of Netgear routers found vulnerable; could be hacked to form botnet

New vulnerabilities have been unearthed in 31 models of Netgear routers that could allow hackers to take over devices. The flaws could allow an attacker to discover or completely bypass any password on a Netgear router, giving them complete control of the router, including the ability to change configuration, turn infected routers into botnets or even upload entirely new firmware.

These new bugs come not too long after flaws discovered in Netgear devices in December, which were “Command Injection” based, showing the increasing severity of the issue in use of these routers. More...

User details released for 2.5 million PlayStation and Xbox gamers

Gamers tend to be quite technically adept, with many hackers starting out seeking cheats for the online games they play – but in some cases, gamers become a potential vulnerability if their gaming activities lead to your most technical staff getting hacked at home – or are they more alert to the issue than most, and do they, as a result, avoid the pitfalls of password re-use?

In the wake of today's news that 2.5 million PlayStation and Xbox users globally have had their personal details leaked in what theDaily Mail newspaper describes as a major hack, companies may need to ask their IT staff, are you a gamer? The actual hack of forums 'XBOX360 ISO' and 'PSP ISO'  is reported to have taken place in September 2015 but the gamers' email addresses, account passwords and IP addresses are only now being leaked – presumably after the original thieves have exhausted their use of them. XBOX 360 forum XBOX360 ISO accounted for 1.2 million of the accounts exposed. More...

Vulnerability discovered in Schneider Electric data centre monitoring system

Schneider Electric issues patch for StruxureWare Data Centre Expert used by banks, media corporations, insurers, medical centres and other companies to monitor critical systems such as video surveillance and fire suppression.

Security firm Positive Technologies has discovered a critical vulnerability in Schneider Electric StruxureWare Data Center Expertwhich is designed to monitor physical infrastructure at data centres. More...

Dark web criminals recruiting your staff to sell secrets for cash says report

Research by risk management firm RedOwl and threat intelligence experts IntSights has revealed how staff at corporations are leaking secret company information for cash to darknet marketplace Kick Ass Marketplace - corporate email accounts are selling for an average of £350.

The two firms worked their way onto the private market place, and in some cases found staff to be collaborating with black hat hackers to infect their company networks with malware. Staff from an unnamed bank were helping hackers maintain a persistent presence on the bank's corporate network. More...