ICYMI: The Labour party, Women in the industry, Leoni AG, DNS Tunneling and the GDPR

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This Week: Labour leadership oversights, cyber-sec and gender, Leoni AG whaled, a staggering amount of DNS tunnels and only a little more than 600 days until the GDPR settles in

Labour leadership hopeful Owen Smith messed up in a big way

As the party tears itself apart, security seems to be overlooked. Whilst fighting a bitter challenge to Jeremy Corbyn's contentious leadership of the Labour party, Owen Smith left a full set of security credentials in plain view. Worse still: he left them on a whiteboard. Even worse: he then posted the image to Twitter.

Women make up a fraction of the cyber-security workforce

Women are still underrepresented in the cyber-security industry, in fact only 10 percent of the entire industry is female. A new report from CREST digs into the way women are held back within the sector, why thats a bad thing and how exactly to reverse that trend.

Leoni AG harpooned and whaled

Europe's largest manufacturer of wires and cables was recently taken for £34 million in a whaling attack in which finance staff were conned into sending large amounts of money to the wrong account.

Leoni AG are cagey when it comes to the details of the attack, perhaps rightly so, too: The company's public announcement sent the share price tumbling seven percent

Nearly half of all networks show signs of DNS tunnelling

A new infoblox report has summoned a shocking result: half of all networks surveyed in a recent security assessment show some evidence of DNS tunneling, a technique used to set up paths to shoot data down, most often for malicious purposes.

626 days to GDPR - the time to prepare is now

The honeymoon period is waning as the GDPR is slightly more than 600 days away. SC joined a panel of data protection experts in Edinburgh to find out how the looming piece of super-legislation is being prepared for north of the border.


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