Cyber Security Challenge Masterclass
Cyber Security Challenge Masterclass

Simulation excercise for young codebreakers

Forty-two young codebreakers were finalists in this year's Cyber Security Challenge, competing in a realistic cyber-security simulation, designed to unearth hidden talent and find tomorrow's cyber-security experts.

Staged over three days, the competition organised by Cyber Security Challenge UK and QinetiQ used real world simulation technology used by the US Army, defending against a fictional biological/cyber terror attack.

Possible Ashley Madison extortion campaign identified

Cyber-security company Digital Shadows says it may have spotted a round of extortions on Ashley Madison customers from a notorious hacking group.

The company picked up on the extortions when a WordPress user, ‘ernieman' posted that he had been threatened by an individual claiming to represent sharingservices [@] and similar email addresses were reported by others saying they were being extorted.

Security researcher blasts United Airlines bug-bounty programme

Security researcher claims United Airlines sat on a serious bug in its mobile app for five months which would have allowed an attacker to access customers' flight details and even cancel flights.

United Airlines launched its Bug Bounty programme May 2015, paying bug finders in air miles, awarding a million air miles to Jordan Wiens, but

Randy Westergren, at XDA Developers, says a vulnerability reported in an API endpoint met silence for five months.

Crisis at French intelligence services post-Paris attack

Following the Paris attacks, the French government was scrambling to upgrade its intelligence capabilities which have suffered from under recruitment. The French government reportedly sprang into action amid accusations that its intelligence services are understaffed and not sufficiently connected to the international intelligence community.

Anonymous anti-Isis Twitter campaign criticicsed

Anonymous' crowd-sourced Twitter war against the so-called Islamic State has been hit with accusations of unreliability and vigilante justice.

Anonymous' campaign, #OpParis, to shut down IS's social media presence, was launched after the Paris attacks as a crowd-sourced campaign to attempt to find members of or recruiters for IS on Twitter and stop them from spreading their message.