IBM warns of 'masterful' new Shifu banking Trojan
IBM warns of 'masterful' new Shifu banking Trojan

IBM warns of 'masterful' new Shifu banking Trojan

IBM has discovered a new banking Trojan attacking 14 Japanese banks and potentially targeting select electronic banking platforms used across Europe. IBM has named the malware ‘Shifu', after the Japanese word for thief, and says it is “a highly sophisticated banking Trojan” which has borrowed a number of features and modules from other banking Trojans' leaked source codes – including Shiz, Gozi, Zeus and Dridex. [Read more]

Opinion: The Carphone Warehouse cyber-attack: a wake-up call to UK business

The Carphone Warehouse cyber-attack shows the potential cost of a cyber-attack but cyber-insurance can help mitigate it, says Simon Gilbert.

The recent Carphone Warehouse (CPW) data breach was a reminder to the UK that cyber-attackers are ever-present and able to strike with costly force. It highlights the importance of having specific insurance to cover the losses arising from such an event. [Read more]

KeyRaider infects 'jailbroken' Apple iPhone users in 18 countries

As many as 225,000 Apple iPhone users have had their account details hacked in what is said to be the biggest attack of its kind against the firm's user base. The arrival of KeyRaider, a new strain of malware identified by researchers at Palo Alto Networks, affects only jailbroken devices, researchers at Palo Alto Networks said. [Read more]

Opinion: Pre-empt the regulations and safeguard your data NOW!

Take steps now to protect your data ahead of changes to the General Data Protection Regulations in Europe, says Andy Hardy.

Technology over the last two decades has advanced exponentially. It has become a massive enabler and, more often than not, a source of competitive advantage for the enterprise. It has made business more efficient, and with the proliferation of cloud services, accessible from anywhere. Across the globe workforces are now more mobile – able not only work from any place but also from an almost endless number of devices. However, the devices that provide ease of access and improved productivity are also increasingly identified as major security risks. [Read more]

New scanner detects thousands of vulnerable Android apps                   

Security researchers have claimed that over 127,000 apps contain some kind of malicious intent. The scientists managed to unearth the scale of the problem using a new technique they devised to detect malware. [Read more]