ICYMI: Met mug man for mobile phone, Mirai and moving and more...

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In Case You Missed It this week, the most popular stories on our site covered a "legally mugging" by the Met Police, Mirai, a moving story about data centres and more...

Met Police grab suspect with phone unlocked to get hold of data

Metropolitan Police have conducted a legal ‘mugging', to get hold of a phone which was unlocked, so to avoid a legal and technological battle of having to get the phone unlocked and get hold of the data on it. The phone in question is owned by Gabriel Yew, who was being investigated by Operation Falcon, part of Scotland Yard's team running investigations into major fraud and related crimes organised online. [Read more]

Report: Mirai 'is just the tip of the iceberg'

Mirai is just the tip of the iceberg according to a new report by the Institute for Critical infrastructure technology. The DDoS malware which has filled security headlines recently is a profound new intervention in the threat landscape, according to the authors Drew Spaniel and James Scott. Mirai, says the report, offers cyber-criminals, hacktivists and APTs, “an asymmetric quantum leap in capability”. [Read more]

Data centres are on the move - where will they end up?

With the Investigatory Powers Bill (IP Bill) being ratified into law and imminent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), tech companies are now seeking to move their data centres out of the UK's jurisdiction to avoid any data privacy issues. [Read more]

The information security implications of M&A deals

This year has seen its fair share of mega M&A deals, particularly in the tech space where SoftBank has completed £19.3 billion (US$ 24 billion) deal to acquire ARM, Microsoft bought professional social media network LinkedIn for £21 billion (US$ 26.2 billion), and Dell completed a £48 billion (US$ 60 billion) deal to acquire EMC Corp. While the priority for the company, which is doing the acquiring, will be to ensure that the purchase makes sound business sense, security shouldn't be an afterthought. [Read more]

TalkTalk customers urged to get routers swapped over hacker fears

TalkTalk and other ISPs have been urged to replace wireless routers after an update to fix the problem fails to stop hackers from stealing router credentials. According to a blog post from Pen Test Partners, the TR-064 security hole that affects routers provided by TalkTalk and other ISPs has not been properly fixed as all it does is reset a router that has been overtaken by hackers and disable the TR-064 interface. [Read more]

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