Morrisons supermarket
Morrisons supermarket

6,000 staff join data breach lawsuit against Morrisons

Nearly 6000 current and former staff of supermarket giant Morrisons have signed up to join a combined lawsuit against the company following a massive data breach two years ago. According to JMW Solicitors, the law firm which is coordinating the litigation, 5954 current and former members of staff joined the group action ahead of the 8 April cutoff date last week. More

Worldpay merchants able to view customer card data

Technology industry watchers have castigated payments processing service Worldpay for potential operational vulnerabilities. Worldpay is billed as a secure payment gateway for businesses that incorporates the worlds of online payments, card machines and telephone payments. More   

£442 billion potential loss in UK power sector cyber-attack

Report examines how the direct and indirect economic costs accrue for a hypothetical cyber-attack on the UK's critical national infrastructure. In a new report Integrated Infrastructure: Cyber resiliency in Society, funded by Lockheed Martin, researchers at the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies report that in the worst case scenario looked at – losses over five years could total £442 billion wiped off UK GDP. And the most plausible route chosen was not a direct hit on a control centre, but bringing down substations and causing blackouts over several weeks with power down for half the period for up to 13 million people. More

Russian hacker group targetting largest EU banks

The Russian government has begun working with Russia's Central Bank to develop a package of measures aimed at fighting Buhtrap, the recently discovered hacker group, which, to date, has stolen around RUB 4 billion (£42 million) from Russian and Western banks, and is reportedly planning further attacks on the EU banking system. More

Cyber-criminals becoming increasingly professional

Cyber-criminals targeting the UK are becoming increasingly professional and have a sophistication almost on par with nation-state hackers, according to Symantec's annual Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR). There has been an increase of 125 percent in zero-day vulnerabilities globally, with half a billion records lost as a result of data breaches. The report also ranked the UK as the most targeted nation for spear-phishing attacks, and second most targeted nation with social media scams. The country was also ranked as third most targeted nation for ransomware. More