ICYMI: NCSC, FSB, ATM malware, D-link routers and the ICO

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This week: the NCSC, Russian intelligence to decrypt internet traffic, (ba)d-link routers, ICO urges action on GDPR, and ATM malware gang member.

The NCSC moves to Victoria Station

The UK's new National Cyber-Security Centre (NCSC) will move into the Nova shopping and office complex near Victoria station, not, as some might have suspected in GCHQ's Cheltenham headquarters. The NCSC will have 700 staff, half of whom will be based in the Nova offices and the other half in Cheltenham.

Russian intelligence to decrypt internet traffic

The Russian Federal Security Service is about to unleash new capabilities which will allow it to watch all the encrypted internet traffic of Russian citizens. The pretext for applying such overwhelming measures, according to the service, is to combat cyber-threats. The intervention has perhaps predictably brought privacy concerns to the fore, with many suspecting that the measures will fail of their effect and merely grant the Russian state an excuse to intrude on the private lives of Russian citizens.

Security researchers urges binning of D-link routers

Security researcher, Pierre Kim, has urged users to bin D-Link DWR-932B routers. Kim said that the routers are so full of bugs and vulnerabilities that they'll be more useful to users in the trash can.

Furthermore, considering the lack of response from D-link to Kim's disclosure of tens of vulnerabilities, he doesn'texpect a fix anytime soon.

Information commissioner urges action on GDPR

This week, Elizabeth Denham, the UK's Information Commissioner urged UK businesses to start preparing for the GDPR, which comes into effect next year.

She added that despite the UK's looming departure from the European Union, that European privacy standards are something to be aspired to:  "I don't think Brexit should mean Brexit when it comes to standards of data protection."  

ATM malware gang member arrested

The City of London police have arrested a 30-year old man in Romania in cooperation with local police and extradited him to the UK. The man has been charged with involvement in a campaign that stole £1.5 million from cash machines around the UK by infecting them with ATM malware.

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