ICYMI: NSA, Microsoft, Phishing and FastPOS

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This week: NSA webcam exploits, Microsoft Exchange, top 5 phishing lures and FastPOS malware

NSA spy details how to tap into webcam on Mac without user noticing

A former NSA spook has shown how the other spooks get into your computer's  webcam and microphone without you ever knowing. Patrick Wardle's paper Getting Duped: Piggybacking on Webcam Streams for Surreptitious Recordings highlights the malware's ability to exploits computers with details the exploit.

NHS attacked by ransomware 'dozens' of times

According to a new Freedom of Information disclosure given to the NCC, NHS trusts around the UK have been attacked with ransomware ‘dozens' of times. Although none of those were successful according to NHS Digital, the disclosure echoes the american experience, where several hospitals have been infected with ransomware.

Top five email phishing attack lures revealed and how to prevent them

Cybersecurity company Proofpoint have compiled a list of the top five lures for the top way to exploit businesses. Taking the stop spot is that old favorite: the invoice scam.

FastPOS malware becomes stealthier ahead of festive credit card spree

FastPOS, already known for its agility and speed, has gotten even faster and stealthier ahead of the festive season. Trend Micro discovered these new developments, and disclosed them in a recent blog post. They found the malware “on the endpoints of a company based in North America”.

Lax security practices around Microsoft Exchange leaves organisations vulnerable

Microsoft Exchange is precariously open, according to new research. Carried out by  MWR InfoSecurity, the study shows that any attacker who manages to get their hands on an employees login credentials, can browse and download any and all files from internal files shares and SharePoint servers. The vulnerability affects all versions.

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