ICYMI: Russian banks, Singapore, ransomware on campus, gaming hacks and more Snowden

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This week: Russian banking legislation, Internet shutdowns for singapore, Ransomware on universities, gaming hacks and the Shadow broker.

Russia's Central Bank introduces new mandatory cyber-security regulations

Russia's central bank have announced new legislation to make banks report breaches along with measures to help securitise russian banks who are often the victims of cyber-criminal attacks and are so often too scared to report it, for fear of reputational damage.

Singapore to shut off internet access for government agencies

Singaporean public sector employees will not be allowed use of the internet, as the government looks to protect itself from data breaches.

A wise move perhaps, as computers that aren't connected are far harder to hack. Security experts were quick to damn the move as overly restrictive.

6 in 10 universities hit by ransomware, 2/3 hit multiple times

An FOI request has shown more than half of UK universities to be targeted by ransomware attacks. A further majority of those are hit multiple times.

Thought SentinelOne sent information requests to lots of universities many refused the request for fear it would damage their ‘commercial interests'

Epic hack, thousands of salted logins stolen

Two forums run by the games company Epic have been hacked, and thousands of logins made off with.

The breach was pulled off using a known SQL injection vulnerability found in older version of vBulletin database

Shadow Broker's leaked files confirmed real by Snowden docs

A look back through Edward Snowden's 2013 leak from the NSA has at least partly legitimised the claims of a shadowy group claiming to be selling US cyber-weapons from an APT group called Equation


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