NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden warns of iPhone spyware
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden warns of iPhone spyware

Leaked report reveals Russian battlefield superiority

A leaked report from inside the UK armed forces has not only shown UK ground forces to measure up poorly to Russian troops but detailed the extensive range of cyber-weapons, tested in Ukraine, that can be brought to bear by this still hypothetical enemy

Trojan affecting TeamViewer comes knocking

A backdoor Trojan has been using legitimate TeamViewer components to spy on its victims. The backdoor, when connected to the C&C servers can use the infected machine's microphone and webcam as well as install malware.

Sage suffers data breach from insider

This week, software company Sage suffered a breach exposing the information of employees at 280 different UK businesses. Further investigation showed that the info was exposed with employee credentials, proving once again that the threat so often comes from within.

Opinion: Closing the cyber-skills gap

Andrew Rogoyski, VP of cyber-security services at CGI UK explained how new ideas are needed if the industry wants to close the yawning gap between the amount of skills we need and the amount we have

Snowden says shadow broker leak is likely a warning from Russia

The leaker of all leakers took to Twitter to say that a public auction of NSA linked cyber-weapons is likely a way for Russia to very publicly tell the US government to back off when it comes to attributing the recent hacks on the Democratic Party