ICYMI: SC Awards; Lenova flaw; TeamViewer flaw?; ransomware rise
ICYMI: SC Awards; Lenova flaw; TeamViewer flaw?; ransomware rise

SC Europe 2016 Awards – winners' trophies presented

From best APT to CISO of the year, the decisions of the independent judges at SC Magazine UK's annual industry awards have been made and 28 winners presented with their well deserved trophies by Mark Watson at a black-tie gala dinner on the Thames at Old Billingsgate last Tuesday (7th June).  More (full winners text); more - Video

Lenovo urges customers to uninstall dangerously flawed app from its systems

Chinese PC firm Lenovo has advised users of its desktop and laptop systems to uninstall a pre-loaded app that could allow hackers to execute code remotely and carry out a man-in-the-middle (MitM) attack.

In an advisory, Lenovo said the vulnerability resides within the update mechanism where a Lenovo server is queried to identify if application updates are available. Every time the app queried the server, the system could be exposed to MitM attacks. More

TeamViewer has potential security flaw, Reddit community in upheaval

The TeamViewer community on Reddit has brought to light claims that while using TeamViewer, their computers were hacked, PayPal and other banking accounts completely drained and malicious software installed.

Users took to the Reddit community to alert others that while looking through their log files of connections to the computer, they had found unknown computer logins from unknown locations.  TeamViewer is a popular remote desktop access client often used by IT departments for example to service a client's PC from anywhere in the world. More

Half of IT professionals maintain access to their former employer's network

A study from Protected Networks found that 49 percent of IT professionals maintain access to their former employer's network, of whom three quarters used their permissions to access their former employer's network, some on multiple occasions. The research evaluated 100 IT decision makers from the UK in organisations with 1,000+ employees.

Nearly two thirds (65 percent) of those with access retained that access at a ‘user' level. Meanwhile, 22 percent maintained access at the ‘administrator' level giving them control of network resources for themselves and others. More 

The rise and rise of ransomware

Newly published research suggests that the growth in ransomware infrastructure is, frankly, incredible.

The latest Infoblox DNS Threat Index for Q1 2016 reports a 3,500 percent increase in ransomware domain creation quarter on quarter from 2015. "The relative cost of infrastructure is so low that it completely makes sense from the criminal's point of view," Rod Rasmussen, vice president of cybersecurity at Infoblox told SCMagazineUK.com. More