ICYMI: 'Sophisticated' ransomware, RIP Flash & hacking Tour de France
ICYMI: 'Sophisticated' ransomware, RIP Flash & hacking Tour de France

Ransomware not as sophisticated as feared - or is it?

Researchers this week claimed that most ransomware is not as scary or as sophisticated as we have been led to believe, but many commentators, speaking to SC, have questioned their findings.

Facebook CSO calls time on Flash after Hacking Team breach

New cyber-attacks by Chinese and others criminals are exploiting the Adobe Flash zero-days leaked through the recent Hacking Team breach - prompting calls from Facebook's CSO for Flash to be "put out to pasture".

Information security advice for Team Sky following Chris Froome 'data breach'

Professional cycling outfit Team Sky, currently competing in Tour de France, has called in lawyers to investigate the possible theft of performance data for team leader Chris Froome.

Hackers blow the doors off Hacking Team, expose 400GB confidential data

Italy's Hacking Team, an alleged practitioner in the dark art of citizen surveillance, was recently subjected to a severe hack itself, resulting in the loss of 400GB confidential data.

The story continues to rumble on with now reports of government usage, and the group's continued exploitation of Adobe Flash zero-days (thankfully now patched).

Russian hackers exploit unusual Java zero-day to hit unnamed NATO country

Cyber-espionage group 'Pawn Storm' has been exploiting an unusual Java zero-day vulnerability to carry out drive-by-download attacks on a NATO country and US defence company, according to Trend Micro.