ICYMI: Tor rivals, Windows 10 and the cost of an APT
ICYMI: Tor rivals, Windows 10 and the cost of an APT

Hornet faster than Tor for anonymous browsing

A London- and Zurich-based team of university security researchers says it has developed a method of anonymous web browsing that works at the same speed as 'browsing exposed in public'.

The high-speed masking technology is known as Hornet, which stands for ‘High-speed Onion Routing at the Network Layer'. Hornet is said to be faster than the widely-used Tor.

HMRC launches Cyber Security Command Centre

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) might not be everybody's best friend but it is ahead of the curve on information security.

As documented by a senior official at a recent conference, the tax office has launched a new cyber-security command centre and is engaging in a clever new phishing-training programme.

Apple App Store and iTunes buyers hit by zero-day

A zero-day flaw in Apple's online App Store and iTunes store reportedly would have allowed attackers to hijack users' purchasing sessions, buy and download any app or movie they want, then charge it to the original user.

The filter bypass flaw in Apple's online invoicing system was found by German security researcher and Vulnerability Lab founder, Benjamin Kunz Meyri.

He published his findings on Full Disclosure yesterday, after first alerting Apple to the bug on 9 June. It is not clear from the reported timeline when Apple fixed the bug.

Vulnerability Lab says the zero-day “demonstrates a significant risk to buyer, sellers or Apple website managers/developers”. And it warns that attackers would only have needed “a low-privilege Apple AppStore/iCloud account and low or medium user interaction” to carry out the attack.

TV5Monde in chaos as data breach costs roll into the millions

French broadcaster TV5Monde is still without Internet and other key IT functions three months after a nation-state hacker took control of its TV channels and hijacked social media accounts. Meanwhile, the data breach costs are mounting up.

Yves Bigot, CEO of TV France, candidly explained the damage from April's nation-state attack in a comprehensive interview with SC.

Security concerns raised at Windows 10 roll-out

Windows 10 launched this week, but there were immediately security questions raised within the industry about some aspects and features on the new operating system including WiFi contact sharing and auto-updates.