Top story: WikiLeaks dishes the merde on the French
Top story: WikiLeaks dishes the merde on the French

Wikileaks releases files on French presidential candidates

Wikileaks reminded the world of the files that it held on the candidates in the upcoming presidential election in France. This week, it tweeted out links to the thousands of files it held on centre right candidate Francois Fillon and far right candidate Marine Le Pen. It also underlined information about centrist Emmanuel Macron. What effect this has, if any, will be seen when France goes to the polls in late April and early May this year. [Read more]

Trump Hotels website appears to be under DDoS attack by hackers

Embattled President of the United States may have had his businesses hit this week as DDoS attacks targeted Trump Hotels. Users complained of stalled loading when trying to visit the site and a correspondent from the Washington Post later tweeted an SQL query error that suggested the site was struggling to beat of hordes of traffic. [Read more]

Major Dark Web host hacked, 381,000 sets of user details leaked online

Nearly 400,000 sets of user details were leaked online as a major dark web host was hacked. Freedom Hosting II was known to have hosted  between 1500 to 2500 ToR sites, and the person who claimed responsibility said that of those sites, many hosted child pornography. [Read more]

Report: Sports Direct breached, data stolen, staff left in dark

The UK's largest sports retailer was apparently breached in Autumn 2016, when a hacker accessed the internal systems of the company by exploiting an old version of the DNN platform which ran Sports Direct's staff portal. [Read more]

Hacker publicly releases 900GB of data stolen from Cellebrite

A hacker claiming responsibility for last month's Cellebrite 900GB breach has allegedly published a trove of files from the Israeli mobile firm. The files supposedly relate to Android and BlackBerry devices, and older iPhones. It is suspected some of the files may have been copied from publicly available phone cracking tools. [Read more]