ICYMI: Yahoo passwords; Japanese airports; French Cyber-sec; Contactless theft; Dridex back
ICYMI: Yahoo passwords; Japanese airports; French Cyber-sec; Contactless theft; Dridex back

Yahoo scraps passwords

Yahoo is getting rid of passwords altogether. Those who have used Yahoo Mail recently will find that there is no password required on its iOS and Android devices. Instead they will receive a push notification asking to confirm whether they are the legitimate user or reject the request as a fraudulent attempt to access personal information.  

Anonymous attacks two Japanese airports

On the 10th of October, Narita and Chubu airports in the east of the country, were both subject to DDoS attacks on their websites by the hacktivist group Anonymous, as part of its campaign against dolphin hunting, a practice that, though controversial, is still legal in Japan

French government launches national cyber-security strategy   

The French government has announced a new national overarching cyber-security strategy which it hopes will create a unified, cooperative approach to protecting government, commerce and individuals. It was launched during a conference on Friday organised by the country's cyber-security agency ANSSI, by the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls who says will provide a comprehensive security framework.  

SC staff hit by contactless card theft

A member of the SC team has had money taken from their bank account, apparently via a contactless card theft. During a train journey to work , “a man slowly bumped into me and my pocket for a bit too long, it took me a second to realise what had just happened. I called my bank and found out that said individual had managed to steal £20 from my account via a contactless card payment; my bank promptly reimbursed me.”

Dridex back on the radar after takedown

Combined might of FBI, Europol and NCA not enough to prevent malware re-emerging. Time to take a more proactive approach to intelligence, says Lord Jonathan Evans.