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ICYMI: EMC 'bugs', LeakerLocker, biometric rise, SpyDealer, good Lord!

In case you missed it: Researchers claim bugs in EMC, LeakerLocker outwitting mobile app stores, biometrics will rise up, SpyDealer stealing data from Facebook etc and the House of Lords will release report on post-Brexit GDPR.

ICYMI: Risky business, AA breakdown, why we don't patch and more...

In Case You Missed It: The risk of cloud, WordPress vulnerability again, AA breaks down on cyber-security, why don't you patch and why don't more women do cyber?

ICYMI: Turkish iPhone delight, FCA GDPR, Wonga blunders and more...

In case you missed it, this week we reported on the Turkish Crime Family mega-threat to iPhones, the Financial Conduct Authority, Wonga blunder, Met Police and the Charity Commission. * Happy Easter. SC Media UK will be closed until 18 April.

ICYMI: WikiLeaks' French letters, Trump DDoS, Dark web hacked and more...

In Case You Missed It this week, our top stories included WikiLeaks goes after France, Trump Hotels DDoSed, Dark website hacked, Sports Direct breached and Cellebrite data released.

ICYMI 2016 - What an explosive year!

You couldn't miss Cyber Security this year as it was all over the mainstream media in an explosion of hacks and breaches, but if you did have your eyes and ears closed, In Case You Missed It 2016's highlights and lowlights revisits the most read stories published by SC in the UK.

ICYMI: Tesco warned; IP Bill threatens economy; German routers offline; Azure trojan; Gooligan fraud

Our roundup of top stories from this week, have a great weekend!

ICYMI: Blacknurse, Facebook Spam, ATM Machines, NSA and the Three breach

This week, A Blacknurse DDoS that can cripple with only one laptop, Facebook spam delivers Locky, ATM scammers, NSA's dark tower and two arrests after the three data breach.

ICYMI: NCSC, FSB, ATM malware, D-link routers and the ICO

This week: the NCSC, Russian intelligence to decrypt internet traffic, (ba)d-link routers, ICO urges action on GDPR, and ATM malware gang member.

ICYMI: 1Tb DDoS attack, Krebs dropped, Pippa Middleton, Yahoo!

In case you missed it this week, our most popular stories included the news of biggest ever DDoS attack, Krebs dropped over other massive DDoS and future queen's younger sister hacked.

ICYMI: Equation group, Hutzero, Cyber-security unemployment, CEO responsibility and Lord Blunkett

This week: Leaked NSA hacking tools go to work on Cisco customers, The first class of a new cyber-security school graduates, European CEOs no longer pass the buck on security, and Lord Blunkett opens a Cyber-Highway

ICYMI:Seagate, DGSE, CREST and the NSA, Google encryption shaming and the NAO wags its finger at the cabinet

This week: Hackers hit Seagate, French confirmation of foreign hacking, CREST takes the reins from the NSA, Google starts encryption shaming and NAO criticises cabinet office Infosec

ICYMI: The Labour party, Women in the industry, Leoni AG, DNS Tunneling and the GDPR

This Week: Labour leadership oversights, cyber-sec and gender, Leoni AG whaled, a staggering amount of DNS tunnels and only a little more than 600 days until the GDPR settles in

ICYMI: Dropbox, Minecraft fans, malicious SSL attacks, voter databases breached

This Week: Dropbox data dump, Minecraft fansite data dump, one click iOS exploitation, more encryption means more cyber-attacks and two the voter databases of two separate US states get breached by hackers

ICYMI: Russian banks, Singapore, ransomware on campus, gaming hacks and more Snowden

This week: Russian banking legislation, Internet shutdowns for singapore, Ransomware on universities, gaming hacks and the Shadow broker.

ICYMI: GDPR and fines, ICO and TalkTalk and GCHQ and bulk data

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) recalls GDPR ignorance, ICO somnolence, GCHQ song and dance, Guccifer arrogance and the many cases of basic lack of vigilance.

ICYMI: Panama leak; Ethical Top 15; What'sApp encryption; door hack

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at Panamanian papers - insider or email hack? Top 15 ethical hackers; WhatsApp end-to-end encryption; door control vulnerability

ICYMI: Citrix 'hack', D-Link webcam hacked, flaws and more hacks

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at claims that Citrix was hacked, a D-Link webcam can be turned into a network backdoor and more.

ICYMI: OS X most vulnerable? Bank SSL use; GDPR agreed; Dutch damn backdoors; Baltic security boost

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at Apple OS X vulnerability ranking; Banks still using SSL; GDPR agreed; Dutch oppose encryption backoors; Baltics boost national IT security

ICYMI: Kerberos flaws; 4% fines; Kaspersky malware; Xbox MitM; Enterprise DDoS

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at flaws found in Kerberos; EU announces 4% fines for data protection breaches; Kaspersky malware count falls; MitM attacks possible on Xbox; and how enterprise DDoS attacks are being blamed on competitors.

ICYMI: Safe Harbour, VMware vulnerability, Outlook backdoor, Snowden and DDoS attacks

In this week's In Case You Missed It (ICYMI): Safe Harbour 'invalid', VMware zero-day vulnerability, Outlook webmail backdoor, Snowden smartphone allegations and DDoS attacks on the rise.

ICYMI: WhatsApp vCard vuln, Simplocker on Android, harbouring ransomware, Gozi hacker guilty and new zero-days in FireEye and Kaspersky

In this week's In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) - the top five most read stories on our site: Update WhatsApp over vCard vuln, Simplocker ransomware bypasses Android security, 140m websites harbour ransomware, Gozi hacker pleads, and Revealed: zero-day vulnerabilities in FireEye and Kaspersky.

ICYMI: Masterful Shifu, wake-up call, KeyRaiders, pre-empt EU and scanning Android apps

In this week's In Case You Missed It (ICYMI): IBM warning over masterful Shifu, Carphone Warehouse attack was a wake-up call, KeyRaider targets jailbroken iPhones, pre-empt the EU and safeguard data now, and thousands of vulnerable Android apps found with new scanner.

ICYMI: Adblock threatens OSX; Thomson customers exposed; AM leaker 'a woman'; AM police call on white hat help; Malaysia cyber alert

In this week's In Case You Missed It (ICYMI): Adblock Plus weakens Mac OSX ? Thomson breach exposes hundreds; Madison insider a woman says McAfee - police call for 'white hat' help; Cyber-attack alert in Malaysia.

ICYMI: Tor rivals, Windows 10 and the cost of an APT

The latest ICYMI column looks at the biggest stories on SC this week, including a 'faster Tor', the security implications of Windows 10 and the actual cost of a real APT.

ICYMI: Visa applications exposed, government backdoors & the Ashley Madison hack

This week's ICYMI column looks at the most-read stories on SC this week, including our investigation on VFS Global, the UK government's attitude towards encryption and the continuing fall-out from the Ashley Madison hack.

ICYMI: 'Sophisticated' ransomware, RIP Flash & hacking Tour de France

This week's 'In Case You Missed It' column looks at the five most-read articles on SC this week, from the intricacies of ransomware and the supposed death of Adobe Flash to hacking a professional cycling team.

ICYMI: Tor sniffing, router bugs and Hacking Team fallout

This week's ICYMI column looks at Tor sniffing, old-school router attacks and the fallout from the Hacking Team data breach.

ICYMI: Phishing in the Yemen, Google privacy & women in security

This week's In Case You Missed It looks at Yemen's cyber-army, Google's latest efforts with online privacy and finally some good news for women in security.

ICYMI: Crypto wars, SC award winners and hacking North Korea

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at concerns over new UK law, the full list of SC Award winners and how the US tried and failed to hack North Korea.

ICYMI: Adult Friend Finder breach, Android woes & leaky Bluetooth

This week's ICYMI looks at an embarrassing data breach at Adult Friend Finder, new problems with Android, and how you can track devices with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).