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£1.10/workstation, £4.54/Server ID

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Strengths: Easy to deploy password randomisation tool

Weaknesses: Lacks in full password management features

Verdict: For randomised passwords, this product is your best choice. For full features you may need more muscle

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The Hitachi ID-Archive sets its focus on password randomisation. With this product administrators can set up password randomisation for sensitive and privileged accounts on either workstations or servers. Administrators can also use this product to allow authorised personnel or programs to view and use passwords for these accounts as well as control how many concurrent users or instances can use the privileged password data.

Installation of the ID-Archive is quite simple and straightforward. Once the initial architecture of database servers and prerequisites is met the product installs in just a few minutes. After the installation we set up our target systems and we were up and running. From the user perspective we found the menus and interfaces to be simple to use and navigate as well.

This software can easily plug into the existing Active Directory structure and completely manage and randomise critical system and service accounts with a simple click of the mouse. The ID-Archive also keeps a complete password history locked away to ensure total auditing and tracking of used passwords. However, this product does not manage password synchronisation across the enterprise. This has to be done using a separate product from the ID product line.

Documentation for ID-Archive is in the form of several PDF guides. The quickstart guide details the initial setup requirements as well as the complete installation procedure. There are also several other guides that focus in on integration of the system and in-depth configuration of the product. We found all guides to be well organised and easy to follow with many screenshots and examples for further illustration.

Hitachi offers fee-based support eight hours a day, five days a week, with unlimited incidents and upgrades. The fee is 20 per cent of the licence per year, with another five per cent buying emergency 24/7 incident response. Phone and email support is included, with support portal access available.

At a price of £1.10 per workstation and £4.54 per server managed, this product is good value for the money. While it does have some nice features for password randomisation and auditing, it's not quite a full password management platform.

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