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Organisations should push identity and access management up the business agenda

IT and security leaders must elevate IAM out of the realm of IT, via a programme management approach, so it becomes a business-wide initiative; IAM leaders need to assert themselves in digital transformation initiatives.

Is voice biometrics the key to safer authentication?

For voice biometrics to become a cross-industry security standard, there is a greater need for a more advanced and robust solution says Nick Gaubitch.

Estonia suspends national 760,000 ID cards found prone to encryption vulnerability

Estonia on Friday blocked the certificates of 760,000 national ID cards in response to a cryptographic vulnerability that researchers have discovered is even more dangerous than originally reported.

Estonia releases update on Digital ID card vulnerability

The Estonia government issued an update on a vulnerability potentially affecting digital use of ID cards issued since October 2014.

Can the enterprise trust smartphone verification technology?

73 per cent of fraud professionals think mobile devices will be the primary identity verification technology in the coming years. Yet 60 per cent also said that this will be biggest single point of compromise as well.

Interview: Dr Fatemi Ardakani, director, Bank Melli Iran: ID & authentication

Clearer definitions between privacy, security, and trust - a mix of these areas can be a great place for innovations. Identification and authentication are two particular areas that lots of innovation can happen says Dr Fatemi Ardakani

Adaptive two-factor authentication: is it all it's cracked up to be?

Steve Watts considers options for two-factor identificaiton and suggests Near Field Communication (NFC)-based mobile authentication as a possible solution.

ICYMI: Big data leaking; Salesforce vulnerability; suppressed car hack; sound authentication and critical IE fix

In this week's In Case You Missed It (ICYMI): Big data leaking; Salesforce vulnerability patched; suppressed car hack; ambient sound authentication and critical IE fix.

One in four consumers hit by ID theft

One in four consumers has been a victim of identity theft, an issue which came out as the leading concern among 1,000 respondents in a survey commissioned by Centrify.

Mixed results for key Government cyber-initiatives

The Government's Verify scheme to confirm IDs is behind scheuduled uptake, but its CISP threat intelligence sharing scheme is ahead of target.

Identity is the foundation of trust: why passwords can no longer be relied upon

Passwords have numerous failings, including their ability to be shared or stolen, meaning that they are not a secure way to authenticate identity, and other options must now be adopted says Dana Epp

Apple's Touch ID fingerprint scanner still hackable says Lookout

Touch fingerprint ID: still hackable on the iPhone 6 and not noticably more secure.

Fake ID Android flaw allows apps to be impersonated

A new and potentially serious flaw has been discovered in all Android devices, from version 2.1 upwards. The flaw, dubbed `Fake ID' by BlueBox Labs, allows malware to impersonate trusted applications.

Digital signatures are now legal authentication

But where does this leave anyone whose electronic identity has been stolen as a result of a malware infection?

Digital identity 'broken' in the UK

A conference in London highlights the contrasting fortunes on digital identity in the UK and Belgium.

ID verification simplifies cloud access

Philip Turner, the newly appointed GM for European Operations at US-based identity management specialists Okta, told SC Magazine that opening of its central London office is spearheading international expansion, with the company expected to open offices in the main European centres over the coming year.