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identiFi v1.4.6.8.A






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Strengths: Easy to deploy, integratable with library checkout, canteen and many other programs

Weaknesses: Enrollment process is very sensitive

Verdict: An interesting product that adds strong authentication to places where it is not normally offered

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This product is one that looks at identifying people not for workstation authentication, but for purposes of replacing things such as library or canteen cards. We found some nice features that make it a very useful tool. One is that the same server can be used with many applications. Once a person is enrolled, he or she can use any of the applications present in the environment without having to re-enroll.

Another feature of this solution is that when the user is enrolled, the entire fingerprint is not stored, improving privacy protection. The software looks at specific matching points instead.

We found this product was fairly easy to use on all counts. Deployment took just a few minutes and we were soon enrolling users. We did find, however, that the software is very fussy when doing an enrollment, and we kept getting error messages telling us our fingers were too wet or too dry or to move the finger up or down. While this is great for accuracy sake, we would have preferred slightly less sensitivity.

Since this product's purpose is not workstation logon, it does not integrate into Active Directory. Instead, it carries its own lightweight database built into the software. Users can be added to the database one by one or imported via a csv file.

Three pieces of documentation accompany this product. A small quick-start guide provides a brief overview of deployment, installation and enrollment. The other two are an installation guide and a user manual, both in PDF format. These are easy to read and provide many screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

IdentiMetrics offers maintenance at an extra cost (£15 per scan point a year) Onsite or remote training can also be purchased. There is no support other than email available on the website.

At an annual cost of £350 per scan point including hardware and software, this may appear to be a pricey investment, especially when the cost of support is factored in. However, depending on the environment and how this product is used, there may not be very many scan points, and it removes the need to use swipe cards, which can be expensive as well. We find this product to be good value for money.