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IdentiPHI SAFSolution v1.3





£36 per user for software only

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Strengths: Biometric authentication product with Active Directory integration and support for several different readers

Weaknesses: Limited functionality, cost of ownership can be a bit high

Verdict: Interesting if limited product for simple workstation authentication using most available fingerprint scanners

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Designed to replace the traditional Windows logon with biometric-based authentication, the SAFsolution Enterprise software can be fully integrated into Windows to use either fingerprint (which we tested) or iris recognition. We found the most useful feature of this product is the large amount of compatible scanners it can use. This allows an existing environment to upgrade with very little modification to the types of readers already in place, or a new environment to be created with the customer's ideal equipment.

We found this product to be just above average when it comes to ease of use. The deployment and installation of the solution is a bit tricky as it takes a few steps and different installers. When first installing the server, we had to go through a deployment wizard, then the server installation wizard, and finally install the administrator tools.

On the client side, the scanners had to be installed and then the client software, and finally the two had to be linked together. We would have liked to a more streamlined installation process.

This product performed well in our testing. It incorporates simple administration by adding a tab to a users profile in Active Directory where the enrollment and devices can be managed. This allows for seamless administration, so the existing environment does not have to be changed or modified to accommodate the use of biometric devices.

Documentation consists of a large PDF administrator's guide that includes all the information for installing, deploying and managing the product. This guide is well organised and easy to read. It includes many diagrams and screenshots especially in the installation. However, the table of contents is static rather than hyperlinked, so it does require scrolling to the specific section.

IdentiPHI offers a customer self-service web portal, as well as telephone and email support. The web portal provides a knowledge base and status updates of customer support requests. Telephone support is available during business hours.

At a price of just over £36 per user for the software, this product appears to be good value for money. However, companies do have to provide their own biometric devices, which adds to the cost.

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