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Organisations should push identity and access management up the business agenda

IT and security leaders must elevate IAM out of the realm of IT, via a programme management approach, so it becomes a business-wide initiative; IAM leaders need to assert themselves in digital transformation initiatives.

Show me the security - the benefits of IAM (identity and access management)

The essence of IAM (identity and access management) is ensuring that the right people, have the right access, to the right resources, in the right ways, and that you can prove all those "rights" to the people that need to know.

Can the enterprise trust smartphone verification technology?

73 per cent of fraud professionals think mobile devices will be the primary identity verification technology in the coming years. Yet 60 per cent also said that this will be biggest single point of compromise as well.

Avoiding the trap of data breach fatigue using identity analytics

Todd Peterson warns that if we are told the intruder is already inside, then identity and access management can minimise impact as identity analytics provides insight into potential risk before anything bad can happen.

Artificial Intelligence - is it the answer for identity management?

Lee Painter says a rise in security breaches due to abuse of access has put the spotlight on Identity and Access Management. So how might Artificial Intelligence shape its future?

OneLogin confirms bug which allows access to Secure Notes

OneLogin has confirmed that a bug has allowed a hacker to view some of its customers' encrypted Secure Notes.

Letter to the Editor: Biometrics - does it strengthen or weaken security?

Biometrics can actually weaken authentication security if not implemented correctly says Hitoshi Kokumai, who asks, what exactly does the NIST Authentication Guideline have to say on this issue?

Microsoft ends common password use and password lockout

Microsoft clamps down on easy-passwords in the wake of LinkedIn double breach.

Video interview: identity management essential to flexible working

In this video, we talk identity and access management (IAM) strategies with David Meyer, VP of product at OneLogin.

Video: The insider threat versus identity and access management

What are organisations doing wrong when it comes to dealing with the insider threat? That was the topic of conversation when we sat down recently with Mark McClain.

Know your enemy: making a business case for identity and access management

If 2015 is anything to benchmark against when it comes to data breaches, then 2016 should be the year that businesses button down against the escalating issue of ID and access management says Paul Trulove.