Plans for changes to the Identity and Passport Service could cause a security nightmare.

Rob Elliss, director of sales for Northern Europe at SafeNet, claimed that the process will involve collecting data from both public and private sector databases and raise concerns about the security of the data.


Elliss said: “The new initiative will involve the collation and storage of vast amounts of very sensitive information. It isn't just a matter of numbers and figures – these details amount to people's identities so need infallible protection measures.


“Furthermore, collecting data from so many different sources means there are more opportunities for sensitive information to slip through the net. Any plans to introduce a highly complicated link-up between multiple data storage agencies, need thorough security planning.”


Elliss claimed that all organisations involved should assess the risks and implement a robust protection strategy, while each database has to be fully encrypted so that should information go missing, people's identities will not be threatened.