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Strengths: A product that performs a single function and does it well

Weaknesses: A steep learning curve for the administrator

Verdict: This product is a great start, but it does not close enough holes to ensure data leakage will not occur

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Identity Finder Enterprise in theory seems to be a good product. A distributed management console is included that can identify PII on all of the systems of a network. Discovered PII can be electronically shredded, encrypted or password protected. Identity Finder has a complete selection of choices of data to choose from and you can select the data type and data storage. This information allows for internal websites, databases and file servers to be searched for PII as well.

Installing the product is made a lot more difficult by the fact that the documentation is 278 pages long and unmanageable. Trying to find something is nearly impossible unless you use the PDF document's bookmarks.

Once the product is installed you have an option to begin manually or to use the wizard for configuration instead.

We opted for the wizard install, which was very friendly and included PII sources that I had not previously thought of.

Once I had selected the PII types to search for, I ran the scan against the server system. This system is a base install Windows 2003 server with nothing else installed. Identity Finder identified a match during the system scan. I clicked on the link to get more information, but Identity Finder closed. I then opened up the documentation, which instructed me to re-launch the application from the start menu program list. This option did absolutely nothing. I tried rebooting the machine and still no luck.

Even though it wasn't mentioned in the documentation at this point, I tried to install the console application to see if this would make a difference. This action was blocked by the OS, which stated I needed to have a current copy of the Microsoft installer installed.

Identity Finder is a niche product that protects PII as it is stored. However, added features would help this product considerably and we were never able to figure out the real role of the console and where it should be installed.

Support for the first year is included in the purchase price and subsequent years can be purchased. The first year basic support includes phone and email assistance. In addition, Identity Finder's website has a knowledgebase and a FAQ list.

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