Identity Fraud News, Articles and Updates

Oh, baby! Infants' Social Security numbers spotted for sale on dark web

The personal identifiable information (PII) of infants, including Social Security numbers, were recently found advertised for sale on the dark web, providing criminals with a clean credit history.

Uber prevents fraud and protects driver accounts with selfies

Uber will now require drivers to take selfies to prevent fraud and protect their accounts from compromise.

34% of users click on links due to human curiosity

With nearly a quarter of ID fraud victims being savvy users of mobile and social media platforms in the UK last year, regular device updates nor computer literacy are stopping users from engaging in harmful online behaviour.

23% of all UK ID fraud victims in 2015 were tech-savvy individuals

The most prolific users of mobile and social technology, making up 7.7 percent of the UK population, accounted for 23 percent of all ID fraud victims in 2015.

Identity fraud up by over half - biggest rises in London, Manchester

Identity fraud shot up by 57 percent in 2015 and eclipsed all other types, according to new research by anti-fraud company Cifas.

Fraud costs UK £193bn per year, rise in phishing attacks seen

Annual fraud losses in the UK could amount to £193 billion, much higher than the government estimate of £50 billion.

UK adults clueless on where to find advice about protecting themselves

Adults in the UK don't know where to go for advice when it comes to protecting themselves online or where to turn if they become victims of fraud.