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Identity management in the post-Persona world

The impending demise of Mozilla's identity management system, Persona, doesn't thange the fact that a sound blend of password management and unified authentication is the future of identity management says V Balasubramanian.

Security researchers defeat reCAPTCHA

Automated attack breaks access system used by Google and Facebook

Roundtable: Identity and access management

The SC Magazine UK roundtable convened with several industry experts to talk about the issues surround identity and access management

Fingerprints only ever part of the solution, whether Android or Apple investigates the real value of biometric IDs, particularly fingerprints, on smartphones.

Is your summer intern more prepared than you?

Your business needs to secure itself against the new wave of Summer Interns, says Chris Sullivan.

Can Eyeprint 'selfies' replace hardware tokens?

Eyeprints - of veins in the white, not the iris of an eye - captured via selfie are another biometric option for 2-factor security, but concerns about the implications of compromise remain.

Identity management in the new frontier

Identity management is a complex task that requires not just a hefty dose of common sense when sharing information on the Internet, but also a reliance on third-party businesses to safeguard that information and respect consumer privacy, says Andrew Thomas.

Brain patterns used for biometric id

Differences in brain patterns allow a computer to currently achieve 94 percent accuracy in identification, but a lot more work is needed to make it a security id option.

Identity theft and fraud still rising at alarming rate

Incidents of identity theft and cyber-fraud are increasing in line with the overall growth in recorded frauds, according to a report by the fraud prevention service, Cifas.

Quantum physics behind 'unhackable' security authentication

A team of Dutch scientists is proposing a new security system for credit cards and passports which uses the power of quantum physics - and which is apparently 'impossible to hack'.

One in four consumers hit by ID theft

One in four consumers has been a victim of identity theft, an issue which came out as the leading concern among 1,000 respondents in a survey commissioned by Centrify.

Mixed results for key Government cyber-initiatives

The Government's Verify scheme to confirm IDs is behind scheuduled uptake, but its CISP threat intelligence sharing scheme is ahead of target.

Identity is the foundation of trust: why passwords can no longer be relied upon

Passwords have numerous failings, including their ability to be shared or stolen, meaning that they are not a secure way to authenticate identity, and other options must now be adopted says Dana Epp

Why multi-factor authentication is a security best practice

Torben Andersen describes the top eight reasons why multi-factor authentication is a security best practice that CEOs need to ensure is implemented.

Apple's Touch ID fingerprint scanner still hackable says Lookout

Touch fingerprint ID: still hackable on the iPhone 6 and not noticably more secure.

The new rise of biometrics

Biometric id options need appropriate mobile computing support to ensure that they too are not compromised says Jon Geater.

Sorting out the identity crisis

Identity, payment and security need to become seamless and inherently more secure in themselves than anything we currently use for mobile identity, says Nick Barth.

Is your organisation ready for the next generation of millennials?

A different attitude to privacy and security among many new workplace entrants is a potential risk that has to be managed says Chris Sullivan.

Digital signatures are now legal authentication

But where does this leave anyone whose electronic identity has been stolen as a result of a malware infection?

'App shaping' key to securing the cloud on a budget

One of the hot topics at this week's Identity Management conference in London was how to secure cloud-computing resources on a tight budget.

Digital identity 'broken' in the UK

A conference in London highlights the contrasting fortunes on digital identity in the UK and Belgium.

Trust users to improve security, say analysts

Despite the dangers of insider threats, Gartner analysts Tom Scholtz and Ant Allan believe that trusting people can go a long way to improving business security.

ID verification simplifies cloud access

Philip Turner, the newly appointed GM for European Operations at US-based identity management specialists Okta, told SC Magazine that opening of its central London office is spearheading international expansion, with the company expected to open offices in the main European centres over the coming year.

Dropbox announces business solution and single sign-on option

Dropbox has announced the addition of single sign-on (SSO) technology to its administrator console.

Proactive vs Reactive approaches

The concept of being prepared for the worst crosses over all types of incidents.