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Newly-patched IE bug used in cyber-attack on Hong Kong church

Researchers have discovered a patch for a critical bug in Internet Explorer (IE) being used in semi-targeted attacks on visitors to a Hong Kong church.

Internet Explorer XSS flaw opens door to thieves and phishers

A critical new cross-site scripting (XSS) flaw affecting fully-patched versions of Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 and 8 could make users vulnerable to phishing and malvertising attacks, as well as data and log-in credential theft.

IE zero-day flaw unpatched on XP

Barely three weeks after Microsoft shut-off patching support for Windows XP and a new zero-day flaw for Internet Explorer is likely to go unpatched on the dated operating system.

Criminals use new zero-day bug to 'target military and defence'

Security researchers have uncovered a new Internet Explorer zero-day bug that they believe has been used to target the US military and French arms suppliers in what's feared to be the start of a cyber espionage campaign.

Microsoft to patch IE9 tomorrow and releases six bulletins

Microsoft has announced that it is to release six bulletins tomorrow on its penultimate Patch Tuesday of 2012.