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Ignition Server & Guest Manager





c£29,000 (Server H/A Pair)

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Strengths: Offers high-powered, flexible identity management and network access control

Weaknesses: Lengthy setup and configuration

Verdict: Lots of functionality in an appliance footprint

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This is more like several products in one. The Ignition Server has two functions: identity management and network access control. The Ignition Guest Manager allows administrators to manage and provision resources to guests on the network. This is all possible due to the highly flexible and very powerful policy engine. This engine actually evaluates a user’s attributes and can provision transparently.

For guests on the network, provisioning is done through an easy-to-use web interface and can be set up to restrict the user by duration or specific type of access. When the limitations of the restrictions are met, for example the end of the allowed time, the guest user is automatically cut off. This feature makes sure that guests will not be able to overstay their welcome.

We found this product quite simple to use. Although setting up the appliances was a rather lengthy process, it was simple to follow. The Guest Manager was not as straightforward. Installation was quick, but the configuration did take some time and we had to follow the documentation very closely.

Once everything was up and running, management of the product was fairly intuitive. The dashboard has a nice layout and we thought it easy to navigate.

This product is a solid performer on all fronts. With simple integration and high availability, the Ignition suite is definitely designed for the large enterprise. We found it also offers a lot of flexibility and policy granularity. The Ignition Server provides real-time views of user sessions and resource access based on identity.

Documentation for both the server and Guest Manager are very comprehensive. There are paper configuration guides and PDF administration guides for both products, all loaded with screenshots, examples and step-by-step instructions.

Identity Engines offers 24/7 premium support, which includes phone and email technical assistance. They also offer a customer support web portal.

This product is designed for the large enterprise and the price tag reflects that. At just under £30,000, we can see that power comes with a price. However, this price does include the high availability (HA) pair of servers and the flexibility necessary for large deployments.

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