IID launches border gateway protocol product to help secure companies

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IID has announced the launch of its first border gateway protocol (BGP) product.

IID has announced the launch of its first border gateway protocol (BGP) product.

According to the company, ActiveTrust BGP is designed to detect, diagnose and mitigate BGP security threats for both an organisation and its extended enterprise. It said that this helps to secure everything from internet transactions and messages to corporate and consumer data. As the core routing system for the internet, IID said it finds the most efficient route for data to be transmitted around the world.

Rodney Joffe, senior vice president and senior technologist at Neustar, said: “The possibility of BGP hijackings are nothing new, but what is new is that we've entered an age of sophisticated cyber crime and potentially even cyber warfare where the stakes are higher than ever to protect sensitive data. It is good to see such services like ActiveTrust BGP protecting blind spots that were created long ago in the internet's infrastructure that we're seeing exploited now.”

Calling it more than a mere monitoring solution, IID said that ActiveTrust BGP provides action in three ways: to detect by alerting an organisation when it identifies a suspicious change within its extended enterprise's BGP routing infrastructure; to diagnose to layer human intelligence and insight onto an automated system, determining the likely importance and impact of a given BGP change; and to mitigate by bringing together parties, including extended enterprise partners, ISPs, domain registrars and software vendors, to resolve an issue.

Rod Rasmussen, CTO and president of IID, said: “Unless the core routing principals for the internet changes, there will be no magic potion to stop BGP hijacking. Until then, the only way to limit damage from such attacks is to detect, diagnose and mitigate them as soon as possible and ActiveTrust BGP does just that.”


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