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Safeguarding control systems - Minimising ICS cyber-security threats

New risks occur as IT and OT converge and become increasingly connected as many control systems are now overlapping with enterprise systems to provide accessible, secure, information that is visible across organisations.

SirenJack flaw exposes problems in emergency alert system

Security researchers have found a flaw in the emergency alert warning siren system used by many local authorities - could be sounded by hackers, research finds.

The dawn of industrial cyber security - not the dusk

Today the risk to industrials is digital. It comes through knowing specific technical protocols and manipulating them to control an asset. Or obfuscating digital machine readings, blinding operators to thresholds being exceeded.

Darkest Hour? Cyber-war clouds gather as unprecedented threat looms

The internet is more than an infrastructure - it mediates human behaviour so it can have unprecedented impact - threatening our survival. It can be manipulated to constitute an insider threat on an unprecedented scale.

Hacking critical infrastructure via a vending machine? The IOT reality

Mirai and Satori show the potential malicious actors can have when armed with malware and lots of unsecured IoT connected devices to target.

Final Reminder to register and attend SC Congress for FREE on Thursday

SC Congress 2018: Register by 1.0 pm Wednesday 14th to get your FREE day pass on Thursday 15 February, at the ILEC Conference Centre, 47 Lillie Road, London, SW6 1UD.

First SCADA cryptominer seen in the wild

The first documented cryptominer attack on a SCADA network of a critical infrastructure operator was seen in the wild.

Critical infrastructure security - getting to grips with EU NIS Directive

EU NIS Directive: As the implementation of the first true piece of cyber-security legislation draws near, Jalal Bouhdada discusses its potential impact on 'operators of essential services.

Mobile SCADA application landscape less secure than in 2015

The latest research suggests, within just two years, the security situation for SCADA has got worse to the tune of an average increase of 1.6 vulnerabilities per application tested.

Interview. Airbus defends physical assets from fileless attacks & AI

In a wide ranging interview, Lloyd Rush, UK Cyber Defence Centre manager, Airbus Defence and Space provides SC with insight into the latest attack trends, including fileless, plus the threat of criminal AI use and SOC responses.

Covert warfare: How likely are attacks on the UK's critical infrastructure?

Attacks on critical national infrastructure are growing in number and sophistication. So how big is the UK's risk?

'Crash' testing programme needed to achieve autonomous vehicle security

Driving the Autumn Budget - speed of introduction causes concerns over safety of autonomous vehicles, including terrorist take-over, plus where responsibility lays - user, manufacterer (hardware/software) and regulator.

Boeing 757 airliner successfully hacked with radio comms hacking tools

A Boeing 757 airliner was successfully hacked by a team of public and private security professionals, according to a US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official.