Digital storage company Imation has announced its intention to purchase the assets of IronKey's secure data storage hardware business.

In a partnership that will focus on secure access to cloud services, Imation will acquire the security hardware component of IronKey's business; the two companies will offer IronKey's online security services to enterprises, financial institutions, governments and consumers.

The deal will also see IronKey make its cloud-based security services available to Imation, the customers of which will gain access to a growing set of capabilities to manage mobile devices, encryption, security policies, fraud prevention and virtualised applications.

Arthur Wong, CEO of IronKey, said: “The IronKey Trusted Access Platform service is used by financial institutions to prevent online banking fraud and achieve compliance with new FFIEC requirements. IronKey will expand this security service platform to enable all enterprises to protect their assets, data and transactions. IronKey will support multiple form factors and applications, including portable USB devices, software and mobile applications, for IronKey Trusted Access and other security services.”

Mark Lucas, president and chief executive officer of Imation, said: “Imation looks forward to offering IronKey's cloud-based security services to our customers. Imation welcomes IronKey secure hardware storage employees, customers and partners.”