In addition to debuting Apple Music on Android, Apple could soon move more of its mobile applications to its competitor.

At a recent company-wide event for Apple employees, chief executive Tim Cook advised his staff that Apple may bring other apps and exclusive services to Android.

Cook said that Apple is using Apple Music on Android as “a way of testing the waters for growing its services division through other platforms, opening up the door for more porting in the future,” as reported by 9to5Mac.

It's likely that Apple's iMessage, the company's popular encrypted messaging app, will make its way to the Android platform.

Bringing iMessage out from Apple's exclusivity could open up the encrypted messaging app to as many as one billion Android device owners. iMessage is encrypted end-to-end preventing Apple from accessing its user's messages, however backed up messages to iCloud are vulnerable.

iTunes, Apple Maps, iCloud and Music Memos may also be expanded to Android in the future.