Imperva adds alert and detection against large-scale attacks to web application firewall

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Imperva is to launch an add-on to its web application firewall (WAF) that provides defence against large-scale industrialised cyber attacks.

Imperva is to launch an add-on to its web application firewall (WAF) that provides defence against large scale industrialised cyber attacks.

The ThreatRadar will help to mitigate mass SQL injection attacks that come from botnets and automated attacks such as comment spam campaigns, scraping attacks and web-based email spam.

Imperva claimed that ThreatRadar specifically provides protection against sources that have repeatedly performed malicious activity on other web applications; sources that are used as anonymous proxies; The Onion Router hacker network; and phishing URLs.

Imperva CTO Amichai Shulman said: “ThreatRadar dramatically increases an enterprise's ability to stop attacks by automatically adapting the defence so traffic from malicious sources can be blocked before an attack is attempted.

“By harnessing the collective insight of the security community, ThreatRadar can block traffic from malicious sources. As attackers shift locations and techniques Imperva's ThreatRadar-powered WAF delivers the broadest arsenal of defence capabilities available today.”

Imperva also announced the integration of Qualys' QualysGuard web application scanning with the WAF. It said that the combination will give enterprises an ability to deploy a comprehensive security strategy that delivers powerful protection for business-critical web applications. 

Shulman said: “With this integration, Imperva and Qualys are advancing the use of WAF and vulnerability assessments as an integral part of the secure development lifecycle. By using Imperva's WAF virtual patching, tightly integrated with Qualys' QualysGuard web application scanning, customers can quickly shield against exploitation of discovered vulnerabilities.”


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