Imperva has announced new insider abuse protection capabilities for its SecureSphere Data Security Suite and Database Firewall solutions.


SecureSphere is now able to terminate local user activity and quarantine user accounts in the event of a security policy violation.


Security teams are able to create granular security rules to define acceptable use policies for users with elevated privileges. In the event that a policy is violated, SecureSphere will prevent the activity from occurring.


Amichai Shulman, CTO of Imperva, said: “SecureSphere has always provided the most complete network-based database protection capabilities for privileged and non-privileged users, as well as some core local activity monitoring.


“To address the growing risk of insider abuse, we have boosted SecureSphere's ability to detect, block and prevent subsequent attempts by privileged users to breach security policies through direct access to the database server. With local activity termination and user account quarantine, we truly provide 360 degree data protection.”