Imperva launches file management and security suite

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Imperva has taken a step into file security with the launch of the SecureSphere data security suite.

Imperva has taken a step into file security with the launch of the company's SecureSphere data security suite.

The suite includes the SecureSphere File Firewall, which helps prevent unauthorised access to unstructured data residing on file servers, and SecureSphere File Activity Monitoring that aims to allow enterprises to monitor access to sensitive file data, establish audit for compliance and reduce data access rights to a business need-to-know level.

Imperva said that its file security products allow businesses to analyse who has access to, who owns and who has accessed sensitive data, as well as identify where access is excessive and can be reduced and monitor access and alert and/or block access that violates business policy.

Additional capabilities of the new product line include user rights management for files and real-time file access auditing, security and integrity.

Imperva CTO Amichai Shulman said that with critical business data existing everywhere it needs to be managed efficiently.

He said: “Valuable business documents, intellectual property such as software source code, finance spreadsheets and many other types of data are stored in these files. Yet, businesses today still lack the appropriate tools needed to monitor and secure sensitive file data within their organisation. Securing file systems is essential if companies wish to successfully comply with PCI, SOX or other data security mandates.”

Graham Titterington, principal analyst of IT security at Ovum, said: “File activity monitoring provides an effective way of protecting and tracking sensitive information in an organisation. It addresses the greatest area of challenge - the proliferation of files containing important data outside the confines of a structured database.”


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