Imperva has announced the launch of its Discovery and Assessment Services (DAS) to the EMEA region.

The DAS consists of four essential features These include mapping databases on the network to assess governance and compliance risk while the scanning process will map all databases on the network and surface ‘rogue' databases.

The ability to identify where sensitive data lives will highlight sensitive data types, and track their location down to the database object, row and column. A vulnerability assessment will result in a set of detailed reports documenting vulnerabilities that may put databases at risk. The reports further provide specific recommendations for mitigating or eliminating these vulnerabilities.

Finally, data risk analysis is the combined analysis of identified vulnerabilities and sensitive data that enables educated decision making. Imperva will provide a complete report of the risk associated with each data asset based on data sensitivity and the level of platform and database exposure.

Henk Jan Spanjaard, Imperva's VP of EMEA, said: “Imperva's DAS helps companies to overcome the challenge of data classification in order to achieve rock-solid data security."

Ariel Avitan, research analyst from Frost & Sullivan, said: “The security market has good solutions in regards to protecting data but has a major need for solutions that can discover data elements in large organisations. Solutions like DAS close the gap and offer a full overview of the data within the organisation, making it easier to protect the organisation from painful data breaches.”