Imprivata announces partnership with G4Tec

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Imprivata has announced a partnership with Group 4 Technology (G4Tec).

Imprivata has announced a partnership with Group 4 Technology (G4Tec).


The joint Imprivata and G4Tec solution combines OneSign's non-invasive, appliance-based authentication and access management platform with the Symmetry Access Control and Security Management System from G4Tec.


OneSign consists of three specific modules - OneSign Authentication Management which increases network security by replacing network access passwords with strong authentication options; OneSign Single Sign-On (SSO), which quickly and effectively solves password management, security and user access issues; and OneSign Physical/Logical, which integrates network and building access systems to provide a single consolidated user identity.


Omar Hussain, president and CEO of Imprivata, said: “Organisations today want to build a complete picture of their security profile, as opposed to having different silos covering IT and physical security separately. Bringing these systems together to provide this single overview of the enterprise's authentication and access security requires far greater interoperability at the infrastructure level.”


David Ella, CTO at G4Tec, said: “By combining G4Tec Symmetry with Imprivata OneSign, our customers will have a way to centrally manage their policies for both physical and logical access. This capability is critical for organisations handling sensitive data as it lets them prevent users from logging into the computer network or specific applications without having properly signed themselves into a building or specified secure area.


“The Symmetry to OneSign integration also provides the organization with an audit trail combining physical and logical information about who went where, when, and which information they accessed.”


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