Imprivata has announced the availability of the OneSign Anywhere appliance that extends its single sign-on technology to users on any device with an internet connection.

According to the company, users of OneSign Anywhere do not need to install any agent or software on the device other than through a browser. The solution supports numerous strong authentication options, including hardware tokens, soft tokens and phone-based authentication (PhoneFactor) to ensure that data is secure.

It also enforces the same access and authentication policies for application and data access both inside and outside of the office to improve end-user compliance, Imprivata claimed.

Ed Gaudet, chief marketing officer at Imprivata, said: “With OneSign Anywhere, Imprivata offers the most comprehensive single sign-on and strong authentication solution in the industry today. Our customers can easily provide simplified and secured access to all of their employees and affiliates inside and outside the enterprise on any device.

“For our healthcare customers, clinicians can easily access patient health information anytime, anywhere on mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone and iPad, enabling secure access to real-time patient data when they need it.”

Grant Keller, project management professional and IT manager at Spectrum, said: “The agentless architecture of OneSign Anywhere has enabled us to deliver a secure, simple solution to these users.  We're also very excited that we'll be able to offer these users the option of securely using iPads and iPhones, which I'm sure they are going to love.”