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c£27 per user for 1,000 users; c£12 per user for 10,000 users for complete suite

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Strengths: Easy-to-use package for a more secure sign-on product. Client software is well hidden

Weaknesses: No support for the Windows x64 client.

Verdict: The lack of impact on the user community makes this package ideal for organisations of any size

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OneSign from Imprivata implements the single sign-on, reporting, and user password synchronisation components of identity management. It uses a secure web- based administrative application and comes installed on a pair of rack-mountable, 1U redundant Linux-based appliances.

The appliances come with an unpacking guide that informs the user on how to address the devices and get them up and running. The embedded Linux OS is basically transparent to the overlying application.

OneSign requires client software installation on every machine in the enterprise. What is unique about the product is the ability to automate this process by creating emails with embedded URLs that allow the user to download the software directly onto their client machine. At the time of writing, no client was available for the x64 versions of Windows XP.

The client chains to the standard MSGINA login process and allow for further authentication to take place to the devices. The OneSign client allows for several authentication components, including USB token and biometric authentication.

Installing the solution was easy. The appliances were configured first through the front panel, then through a web browser. The product imported user accounts from the existing Active Directory without a hitch and was easy to configure to synch with Active Directory and to enable or disable the AD accounts for use with the OneSign package. The entire process was easy to understand and no specialized training would be necessary for most any engineer to have the ability to install and configure the package.

Documentation for this product is in the form of several printed booklets, as well as PDF files. The getting-started guide is very well done and provides the installer with just about everything needed to install and perform the basic configuration. The printed manuals have a good index that makes them easily searchable for the solutions to most common problems. The information in the literature includes step-by-step procedures for most tasks.

You need to purchase a support package, there are premium and basic options, for access to online resources such as the knowledge base. Imprivata also offers training courses for the OneSign product.

Priced in the middle of the range, the OneSign package offers good value for money.

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