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Strengths: Solid platform for user management integration across all levels both physical and logical

Weaknesses: Documentation could be more easily searchable, a bit pricey

Verdict: Excellent product overall, a few places with room for improvement

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The Imprivata OneSign appliance is a one-stop user management and provisioning shop. It can be set up to take on many roles. OneSign seamlessly integrates strong authentication, application SSO, user provisioning, physical access control and event reporting, to provide one enterprise-wide employee information access policy, managed and enforced within a single framework. This means one place to control everything a user does - from which doors they can enter to what applications they can use.

Despite the complex nature of what this product can do, we had it up and running with the initial configuration within just a few minutes. Initial setup is done through a web-based wizard in which the basic environment settings are set. From there, all management and configuration is done via the web GUI. This GUI is well organised with a tab top structure that makes it very intuitive to navigate.

OneSign's integrated authentication management, SSO and physical/logical convergence functionalities facilitate a single, centralised, employee IT access policy for enforcing every aspect of access, across all users, rights, locations and conditions. Its great flexibility and functionality make this product solid in the area of performance.

OneSign's documentation is provided in the form of several paper manuals. It includes an administrator guide, SSO guide, authentication management guide, an appliance guide and a physical/logical guide that shows how to integrate the system with physical access control. We would like to see this in an easily searchable PDF file as well.

Imprivata offers two distinct support packages with varying levels of support options.

The Imprivata OneSign does offer a lot of functionality and can become extremely expensive for large environments starting from scratch. However, it can leverage an existing physical access control system and many of the tokens already in use. It is this ability to integrate that makes this product good value for the money, even though pricing is a bit steep. In a 1,000-user environment, prices are £21 per user for authentication management, £24 for physical/logical integration and £30 for SSO.

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