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From £21 per user for authentication management

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Strengths: Adds a lot of strong security and password management features to an existing identity management platform

Weaknesses: Does not do provisioning on its own

Verdict: This one is focused on identity management but needs an external provisioning tool

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Imprivata OneSign authentication management provides identity management and single sign-on capabilities in one appliance. It can leverage already existing identity management deployments by vendors such as Courion, IBM Tivoli and Fischer International and add a multitude of functions and features for full scale identity and single sign-on password management.

We found this product to be easy and straightforward to install and configure. It is available both as a physical and a virtual appliance for VMware ESX Server. For our tests we used the physical appliance.

The initial setup consists of assigning the IP address via the LCD screen on the appliance and then browsing to the IP via a web browser. A short configuration wizard then assists in getting the initial configuration up and running. After this is complete all other configuration is completed through the management interface.

Imprivata OneSign offers some solid features to add to existing identity management products. It features the addition of strong authentication and full password and account management, as well as a feature called Secure Walk-Away. This uses a web camera attached to the machine to detect users and automatically lock sessions when they leave their workstation.

Documentation included several paperback guides and manuals. We found these to be easy to follow and they were split up into organised sections so it was simple to find information quickly. All of the guides also included many screenshots and easy to follow step-by-step instructions and examples.

Imprivata offers annual support contracts to customers that include access to product updates and releases, as well as named contacts for phone and email technical support. Customers also can access an online portal that includes a knowledgebase and many other resources.

At a price starting at around £21 per user for authentication management and £30 for single sign-on for 1,000 users, plus approximately £116 per workstation for Secure Walk-Away that requires the purchase of an authentication management licence, Imprivata OneSign can become very expensive quickly, especially considering it does not do any provisioning on its own. We find it to be average value for the money as an identity management platform.

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