Incapsula has announced the launch of Login Protect to enable activation of two-factor authentication to websites and web applications.

Without the requirement of additional coding, application changes or third-party authentication service integrations, the company said that the addition allows easy and instant activation of two-factor authentication with centralised user management and built-in provisioning.

Incapsula said that this will allow users to manage security and access control of all of their web applications through its single dashboard, without the need for integration or installation of any additional hardware or software.

Gur Shatz, co-founder and CEO of Incapsula, said: “Many website and applications that use Incapsula rely solely on passwords for authentication, but passwords alone have become ridiculously easy to circumvent.

“Recognising this, we set out to make this feature accessible to everyone, from website owners and administrators to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers. With Login Protect, it's easy to add a second factor of authentication to restricted website areas, internal applications and development environments.”